Meet Information

2017 Eagle Boy’s Track & Field Invite

A 'Traditional Style' (no pre/semis), BOY’S ONLY meet for those athletes NOT participating in the State Regional Meet. We feel that it is important to offer our 2nd and 3rd tier athletes a chance to have fun and have the spotlight shined upon them. This meet is not solely a Frosh-Soph Meet!

LOCATION: Skyline Track Field, Ann Arbor Skyline HS

2552 North Maple Rd, Ann Arbor, 48103

DATE: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

ENTRY FEE: $100 per school

*Please make checks payable to Skyline Athletic Booster Club, attn: Women’s Track*

AWARDS: All events = Medals to top 5 Places;

SCORING: No team scoring, but please follow rules governing number of events participated in!

OFFICIALS: Most of the workers will be our varsity athletes; please be sure to be flexible with them! Also, we will need help in officiating some of the field events-be prepared to offer up one of your 'assistant coaches' as a possible worker.... Assistance offered in moving hurdles/blocks will speed the meet along!

EVENTS: Unlimited entries per event per each team-relays too! We will not request entries prior to meet day! This allows maximum 'flex' in determining lineups-remember as there is no team scoring, you can give kids opportunities to experiment, shoot for that last PR, whatever! However, this is actually a clerking nightmare. HAVE YOUR KIDS KNOW A PR time for use in seeding!

We need to have an electronic copy of your roster before the meet. Email an excel document with first and last name AND grade of athlete.

FORMAT: There are no prelims/semis. Relays lanes/heats are assigned randomly.


RESULTS: Available immediately after the meet and will be posted online after the meet.

GENERAL: The purpose of the EAGLE LAST CHANCE INVITE is to have a FUN, informal meet to offer those athletes who are NOT competing in the State Regional Meet one more opportunity to compete. Due to the potential for a LARGE amount of athletes, we may need your help in supplying workers, coaching ALL athletes (not just your own) & enforcing uniform/jewelry rules, etc.

TEAMS: While this is an all-comers meet, schools located in the Washtenaw, Livingston and Western Wayne counties were invited formally via !


LJ-1 hour Open Pit (4 jumps) No Finals

HJ-Start at 5’0 raises of 2"

SP/DT- 4 throws

PV-Starting at 8’ with 6" raises.
*Depending on the number of vaulters, may be 3"*

4:00pm - Final Order of Events Begins with the 3200 Relay...



It is hereby agreed between __________________________________________ School, party of the first (1), and ­ANN ARBOR SKYLINE HS, party of the second part (2), that their Boys TRACK & FIELD team(s) shall compete at the EAGLE BOY’S INVITATIONAL on Wednesday, the 17th day of MAY, 2017 at 3:30 PM. Both parties (1 and 2) hereto mutually agree that the rules of Eligibility of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc. shall govern participation in this contest and that a properly certified list of players, signed by the superintendent or principal of each school, shall be exchanged in accordance with MHSAA Regulations. Both parties (1 and 2) also agree that the registered officials shall be mutually agreed upon not later than ten days prior to the contest. The visiting schools may list here, the names of officials who are not acceptable:____________________________________________________

The party of the first (1) agrees to pay the party of the second part (2) the sum of $100 per team prior to the contest.

CONDITIONS: __Please make checks payable to SKYLINE ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB__. Payment can be brought to the event or mailed in advance to the address listed below. Please be prompt as the end of the school year makes it problematic to collect late payments!

This contract may be canceled or altered only by mutual agreement of the contracting parties, as provided by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, Inc. Signed in duplicate this __________ day of _________________ 20____

For the party of the first part (1): For the party of the second part (2):

________________________________ ____________________________________________________

(authorized representative signature) (authorized representative signature

School telephone number___________________ School telephone number: (734) 994-7075

***Note: In order to reserve a spot in the meet, teams must return a signed contract along with the meet entrance fee. Please return this contract as soon as possible to assist in the planning of the meet.

Please supply the following information:

Boy’s Coach: _________________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________________________________________________

Fax: ________________________________________________________________

Please mail or fax a copy of this contract and payments to:


Ann Arbor Skyline HS

2552 North Maple Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Fax: (734) 994-7670

Regardless of your plans, would you please return a copy of this as soon as possible. We would like to have an idea of who to expect! Confirmation via email is also accepted (& preferred)!