College Coaches Sit Down: Steve Picucci

Steve Picucci

Ferris State University

Gender: Men & Women



Michigan MileSplit: Where did you grow up and what were some of your fondest memories of high school running?

Steve Picucci: Brighton, MI and attended Brighton High School.

Running in State Track Finals my senior year after struggling all year

Starting to run CC my junior year and finding my passion for running that I still have


MM: What do you look for in a potential recruit/What is your program's recruiting process like?

SP: Men and Women:

GPA- 3.0 or higher
ACT- 20 or higher
Academic interest in programs at Ferris State
I begin looking at athletes their junior year of high school

Scholarship minimums (changes slightly every year
5k CC: 19:10 or faster
1600: 5:15 or faster
3200: 11:50 or faster

5k CC: 16:10 or faster
1600: 4:25 or faster
3200: 9:40 or faster


MM: Many kids would love for even a chance to walk-on to a collegiate program. What are your walk-on policies?

SP: We generally give everyone a year to see what they can do but here are our general standards to walk on:

Women walk ons:
5k CC : 20:59
1600: 5:45
3200: 12:20

Men walk ons:
5k CC: 17:00
1600: 4:38
3200: 10:09


MM: Do you make a point of attending high school cross country meets to scout athletes out?

SP:  I usually attend a few CC meets a year but mostly to watch athletes that are interested in Ferris already and to see some that I want to talk to.


MM: If a student-athlete is interested in being a part of your program, how early and how often should they try to contact you?

SP: The best way to contact me with interest in our program is the online questionnaire and an direct email to me.


MM: Lastly, what is your favorite part of coaching 18-22 year old student athletes?

SP: Seeing them develop and grow as athletes and as people during there time here and trying to make a positive impact on their lives



From everyone here at Michigan MileSplit, we thank Coach Picucci for his time, and wish him the best of luck this season!