Athlete Sit-Down: Hannah Cummings

We got a chance to talk to Saline sophomore, Hannah Cummings, who has been thriving this indoor season since the arrival of a new training partner.


Personal Records:

800 Meter Run - 2:16.81

1600 Meter Run - 5:08.16

3200 Meter Run - 11:23.72

5000 Meter Run - 18:32.20


Michigan MileSplit: How did you manage running a PR at the cross county state finals this year through all of that mud?

Hannah Cummings: This year at the cross country state I was determined to be an All State runner, to do that I made sure I got out fast and would try my best to stay consistent. The overall race went really well besides the fact that the last bend was ankle deep of mud. The mud played a huge factor in I think everyones performance, you couldn’t escape it.  Running to the finish line wasn’t easy, my feet were slipping and I was tired but I knew that if I wanted to be top 30 then I’m going to do whatever is takes to do it.

MI MileSplit: How do you like running at MIS for the cross country state meet? Any course you'd rather see the meet run at?

HC: MIS is a course that I love. The Speedway has just the right amount of hills and flat grounds to run on. I wouldn’t want the state meet to be anywhere else, although the only thing that I dislike about the stadium is, it is very difficult for spectators to watch the runners race especially the time between the mile and two mile, other than that is it a very good course.

MI MileSplit: How did you like running at Nike Cross Regionals down in Indiana?

HC: Nike Regionals, wow. Regional was a good experience for me but honestly, it was one of the worst races I had ever ran in my entire life. Going into regionals I had an open mind, I had no idea what I was in for. The course was horrible, (I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this) we were running in circles and ovals the entire time just doing loops, didn’t go into the woods once and in fact we had to jump over hay barrels. Going all the way to Indiana just to run in circles was defiantly a let done considering it was a regional course. Although the course wasn’t good the experience was amazing and I’m very happy that I chose to go.

MI MileSplit: What is it like being teammates with your biggest track rival from last years regional and conference meet, Kennedy Beazley?

HC:  Kennedy Beasley and I were never enemies. I met Kennedy during one of the indoor meets at UofM, we were both running the 800 and that’s when I first started talking to her. Once track came along I realized we were both really good at the 800, we were dangerously healthy for each other. She pushed me and I pushed her, that’s how it was and still is. Having her is going to be really good for our team considering we lost Alyssa Cummings this year but now Kennedy can take her spot, it really is something to be grateful for.

MI MileSplit: What was it like being on the same team as two of your sisters last year, as a freshman? Do you think it will be different as a senior, when your younger sister is on the team with you?

HC: Alyssa took both Haleigh (my twin) and I under her wing. I loved being on the same team as Alyssa, we had some good laughs and memories. No matter what happened after a workout or race Alyssa would always say how proud she was of us. When Haleigh and I are seniors I hope we can make Emmas freshmen year as great as Alyssa made ours, it really was special.

MI MileSplit: What are your goals for this indoor season? How about outdoor?

HC: My goals for indoor are pretty straight forward, I want to get my mile time around 5:15, I want to help our 4x8 team become All American at the New Balance Nationals in New York City and most of all I want to have fun with it. My main goal for outdoor this season is to compete hard in the mile, open  800 and 4x8. I just want to remember this season.

MI MileSplit: How/when did you get involved running cross country/track?

HC: When I was eight years old my mom signed me up to run for Ann Arbor Track Club. Ann Arbor really does get a lot of credit for the type of runner I am. The coaches t showed me how to eat properly, race with technique, finish a race and to never give up no matter how much pain you were in.  Running with them gave us a lot of experience with racing, we traveled to many states such as Alabama, Florida, Indiana and Wisconsin to run at nationals. As I was getting older I started running with the Saline Middle and didn’t attend the Ann Arbor practices anymore, even though I don’t run for them anymore, they deserve to be acknowledged for turning me into the runner that I have become.


Quick Q's

MI MileSplit: Track or cross country?

HC: Cross Country over track.

MI MileSplit: Winter or summer?

HC: Summer even though my birthday is in the winter. 

MI MileSplit: Favorite place for breakfast?

HC:  Panera is my favorite breakfast place.

MI MileSplit: Movie you just saw or want to see? 

HC: A movie that I really liked was Pitch Perfect.