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MITS Meet Videos

Grant Fisher after 4:11 win at 2014 MITS State Meet Audrey Belf wins 3200 in 10:31 and looks to Nationals after 2014

Girls 60m Hurdles
G 60H H01 (Prelims) G 60H H02 (Prelims) G 60H H03 (Prelims) G 60H H04 (Prelims)
G 60H H05 (Prelims) G 60H H06 (Prelims) G 60H S01 (semi-final) G 60H S02 (semi-final)
G 60H F01 (final)

Boys 60m Hurdles:
B 60H H01 (Prelims) B 60H H02 (Prelims) B 60H H03 (Prelims) B 60H H04 (Prelims)
B 60H H05 (Prelims) B 60H S01 (semi-final) B 60H S02 (semi-final) B 60H F01 (final)

Boys 60m Dash:
B 60 H01 (Prelims) B 60 H02 (Prelims) B 60 H03 (Prelims) B 60 H04 (Prelims)
B 60 S01 (semi-final) B 60 S02 (semi-final) B 60 F01 (final)

Girls 60m Dash:
G 60 H01 (Prelims) G 60 H02 (Prelims) G 60 H03 (Prelims - false start) G 60 H03 (Prelims)
G 60 H04 (Prelims) G 60 H05 (Prelims) G 60 H06 (Prelims) G 60 H07 (Prelims)
G 60 S01 (semi-final) G 60 S02 (semi-final) G 60 F01 (final)

200m Dash:
B 200 F01 B 200 F02 B 200 F03
G 200 F01 G 200 F02 G 200 F03 G 200 F04

400m Dash:
B 400 F01 B 400 F01
G 400 F01 G 400 F02 G 400 F03

800m Run:
B 800 F01 (1:55) G 800 F01 (2:15)

1600m Run:
B 1600 F01 B 1600 F02 (Fisher 4:11) G 1600 F01 G 1600 F02 (Leonard 5:00)

3200m Run:
B 3200 F01 G 3200 F01 G 3200 F02 (Belf 10:31)

4x200m Relay:
B 4x200 F01 B 4x200 F02 B 4x200 F02 (replay highlight) B 4x200 F03
G 4x200 F01 G 4x200 F02 G 4x200 F03 G 4x200 F04
G 4x200 F05 G 4x200 F06 G 4x200 F07

4x400m Relay:
B 4x400 F01 B 4x400 F02 B 4x400 F03
G 4x400 F01 G 4x400 F02 G 4x400 F03 G 4x400 F04

4x800m Relay:
B 4x800 F01 G 4x800 F01

Distance Medley Relay:
B DMR F01 (Final) G DMR F01 (Final)