Training Blog: Sarah Kettel Give an Inside Look

week 5

This is my last update because school starts up next week! These last seven days didn't go anywhere close to what I planned, but it was fun and I know the training I got done will be effective. I'm super excited to see what happens this cross country season and to see how my personal goals and our team goals get accomplished!

Week of August 28th to September 3rd

Friday: 6 miles (RACE)

My goal going into this race was simply to win, but unfortunately I wasn't at my best today (18:23 5k). Nonetheless, Anne Forsyth, Lexa Barrott, Nichole Hanson and Cayla Eckenroth did a great job and I'm looking forward to seeing them improve in the coming months! This was a fun race to go to and definitely a cool experience to compete against bigger, more well-known schools than we usually do! The rest of the day I had fun hanging out with my teammates.

Saturday: 5 miles

I've done this workout twice now! Some teammates stayed over last night so I ran with my sister and them today. We ran to a playground and played our own version of lava tag, with the addition of required destinations and running penalties. It got pretty crazy! It was fun and quite a workout (we ended up running 3 miles during the game alone)!

Sunday: OFF

Today, after church I spent most of the day getting ready for a party we hosted in the afternoon. After a fun day with friends, I did the stretching routine for an hour with my sister and mom.

Monday: 12 miles

In the morning I ran 4 miles (7:20 pace) and I felt great! Runs like these remind me why I love running so much! Later in the afternoon I was surprised to learn that we were doing an 8 mile progressive run! Even with more mileage than I had planned on, the run felt great. We ran 4 miles to the Kellogg Center at MSU's campus and on the way back ran each mile 30 seconds faster than the last. We ended with a 5:45-6:00 minute mile pace.

Tuesday: 7 miles

I started off today with the 1 hour core session at home. Later, at practice, we did half mile intervals on a grassy course. I took them a little easier today because of yesterday's workout, but still gave a good effort with 6 repeats between 2:50 and 2:55. The fact that the sun beat down on us the whole time and the temps were in the mid-80s definitely added a level of difficulty to the workout! After our cool-down, a bunch of us went to the splash pad to cool off -- amazing!

Wednesday: 6 miles (7:50 pace)

I ran around town today, just gearing up for racing tomorrow. It was hot again, so I made sure to include all the nearby water fountains I know about. While my friends might think I'm crazy because I know about all the nearby public water fountains and restrooms, I think it's just part of being a runner! I ended the day with the stretching routine.

Thursday: 1 miles (RACE + Ultimate Frisbee)

Because of the race later in the afternoon, I didn't run today, figuring I could get enough mileage running around after the race. But as soon as we got to Ithaca it started pouring and there were even rumors of a nearby tornado. So I spent the next two hours inside the high school with my teammates playing Mafia, until the meet was finally canceled. That's when the team parents brought out the potluck and we enjoyed some good food, cards, and Ultimate Frisbee (because it decided to clear up finally!) It was a blast!

Weekly Total: 37 miles