Summer Training Blog: Noah Jacobs Week #2

Weekly Mileage - 67

8/8 - Monday:  LR 15 in cut back week with Coach Heid and teammate Dakota Hundley in 6:30 pace, 11 mile loop with good hills then ran the rest on the local river trail. Legs were heavyn

8/9 - Tuesday: 5K time trial fox and rabbit style with the team. 1.5 warm up, 5K worked into it and got the into a groove and crushed the last mile to run a 15:05 to catch and push most of the team. 1.5 mile cool down. 2 miles later that night just before the midnight run.

8/10 - Wednesday: Midnight Run to kick off the official season with the team, ran our 5K course in the dark and had a lot of fun! Then around 6 at night ran 7 miles to keep my mileage mostly stable in some good heat, 6:22 pace, a nice jump in a pool after!

8/11 - Thursday: Ran a 1.5 mile warm up, started out teams threshold for the day but the air quality was bad and everybody was way off of pace so most of us running a longer distance stopped at the 3.5 and ran a longer than normal Cool down, 3 miles with Coach Heid and teammates Charlie Bruckman, Ryan Schwab and my brother Ben Jacobs for an 8 mile AM. Ran a nice and easy 3 mile recovery that night near dark for mileage purposes.

8/12 - Friday: 8 mile recovery with Coach Heid and started with Dakota Hundley and the humidity was tough so a eased our way into the run with tired legs as well. Finished in just over 6:30 pace for 8.

8/13 - Saturday: 8 miles at around 6:15 pace, getting in recovery for camp starting up tomorrow.

8/14 - Sunday: Day 1 of camp Campground Mile on a dirt loop 4:27 breaking the camp record, 3 miles of warm up and cool down total. Then our 3 mile stargazing fun run that night with the team!