Summer Training Blog: Noah Jacobs Week #3 - Training Camp

Mileage: About 87 mile week give or take a little bit on the trails up North. Another wonderful week with the team!
Camp was at North Higgins Lake State Park.

8/15 - Day 2 of Camp - Monday: LR day, the "Mountain Run", hilly LR of 14 miles in the AM. That night 10K trail recovery run under 6:10 pace and a mile warm up and cool down total.

8/16 - Day 3 of Camp - Tuesday: Morning trail recovery run very fast for the 10K for usual, around 5:55 pace with 2 miles total of warm up and cool down. Afternoon we had the "Dam Race" where you have to run through a dam and do it 4 times as it is a 4 lap race and each lap is a mile. The 4 mile race in 19:25 with 3 miles total of warm up and cool down.

8/17 - Day 4 of Camp - Wednesday: Morning 10K in almost the same as our first trail CT around 6:10 pace with a 1 mile warm up and cool down total. Afternoon was a special day filled with lots of teamwork, 24 400s based off of the Dam Race with 1:45 rest between each interval for my group. I ran almost all of mine at 1:06 on the grass field and totaled all 24 in 26:28. 13 of my teammates finished all 24 of their intervals as well.

1.5 miles of warm up and cool down for the intervals.

8/18 - Day 5 of Camp - Thursday: 10K trail recovery run around 6:15 pace and a mile total of warm up and cool down. That night had the team Flashlight relay where I was paired with senior teammate Kyle Mesh and we run 4 loops around a path in the woods that is said to be, but is actually short of 2 miles for each person to run, I ran leg 1 in 8:53 and Kyle ran leg 2 in 10:08 and we won the relay as our team! 3 miles of warm up and cool down for the relay.

8/19 - Final day of Camp - Friday: 10K trail race in the morning. I was stung by a bee on the warm up so had to push through a different pain in the race. I got out and clear of everybody else and struggled in the front with the sting and tired legs from all week, ran the trail in 35:37 and finished up with a total of 2 miles warm up and cool down. This ended my 5th and final year at team camp with a special team and looking forward to a great season!

8/20 - Saturday: Nice and easy 8 miles, part of it with my brother Ben and teammate Charlie Bruckman. Around 6:30 and a little rain to cool us off.

8/21 - Sunday: 8 miles a little quicker today around a 4 mile loop by my buddy's house. Just under 6:15 pace for 8, weather was great!