Monroe Jefferson Invitational

Monroe, MI

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Meet Information

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Sterling State Park         Monroe, Michigan



                       We are BACK at Sterling State Park

                       We have three divisional races: Div 1, Div 2, and Div 3/4 .


9:00     Division 1 schools Girls                                              12:35   JV Race - Boys

9:30     Division 2 schools Girls                                              1:10     HS Awards Ceremony

10:00   Division 3&4 schools Girls                                         1:30     Junior High Girls

10:30   Division 1 schools Boys                                              1:55     Junior High Boys

11:00   Division 2 schools Boys                                              2:20     K-6 Girls

11:30   Division 3&4 schools Boys                                         2:40     K-6 Boys

12:00   JV Race - Girls                                                            3:00     Jr. High Awards Ceremony   



-Team trophies will be awarded to the first three (3) teams in each varsity race.

-Also team scores will be kept in the middle school divisions and a trophy will be awarded to the 1st place team and a plaque to the 2nd place team of the boys and girls middle school races. 

-Individual medals will be awarded to the first thirty (30) places in each varsity race. The top three will be large Olympic style.

-Medals will be awarded to the top 20 girls and top 20 boys in the Junior Hi race.

-Ribbons will be awarded to the next 50 places.

- Ribbons will also be awarded in each K-6 race.



-IMPORTANT School buses you need to make sure your school has at least one bus with the new ST. PARK REGISTRATION TO GET IN FOR FREE.  IF A CAR OR BUS DOES NOT HAVE THIS REGISTRATION, YOU WILL BE CHARGED $11 FOR ENTRY.



-Electronic only - You will need an account on to enter your kids in advance.

-K-6 and Junior High will need to do entries too.

-Please make sure your middle school coaches are aware of entering their athletes online at

-The entry fees are listed on the attached sheet.

-The course will be overlooking lake erie and similar to last year's course.


>> Entries will be due by:  Monday, SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 <<


Entry Fees for 2019

Varsity Boys                                     $90.00       Entry Fee                                                                                       

Varsity Girls                                      $90.00       Entry Fee                       

Varsity Boys & Girls                           $180.00       Entry Fee                       

Individual                                         $18.00       Each                ________


JV Team   Covered with the varsity fee.


MS/JH Boys & Girls                              $80.00       Entry Fee                       

Individual                                           $8.00       Each


K-6 Team                                           $40.00       Entry Fee                       

Individual                                           $8.00       Each




All Teams                                       $300.00       Entry Fee