Summer Training Blog: Noah Jacobs

Total Mileage: 81

8/1 - Monday: 22 mile LR at 6:36 pace. Kept the pace constant, started on our HS loop and then ran out entire river trail.

8/2 - Tuesday: 4 mile time trial in 20:34. Kept constant pace and stuggled pretty hard throughout. 1.5 warm up and cool down. 3 mile recovery run paving a teammate around 5:50
Tuesdays pace run was at night.

8/3 - Wednesday: 8 mile recovery run at 6:15 pace in brutal heat at night. Hilly route. Jump in pool afterwards!

8/4 - Thursday: paced teammates on their threshold run. Ran about 6 flat pace for my pacing over 8 miles in the morning. Legs were heavy. Easy 4 mile recovery after our church softball tournament finals that night at about 6:25 pace.

8/5 - Friday: Very hot recovery run in mid-morning around 10:30, messed up my route and made the run tougher, ran with teammate Dakota Hundley for the first 3 and then ran the last 5 on my own. 6:25 pace.
Both pace runs I ran with my teammate Zach Watts.

8/6 - Saturday: 3 mile warm up, 5K running every mile faster than the last. Started at 5:23, 5:21 then 5:08. Course was way long, total time of 16:45. 2 mile cooldown.

8/7 - Sunday: screwed up my schedule as I usually run 2 times in Saturday but I moved it to Sunday this particular week. 5 in the morning at 6:10 pace and 8 later that night with some stomach issues and had to stop a few times. 6:00 pace for the 8.