Holly (Duane Raffin) Festival of Races 2019

Davisburg, MI
Hosted by Holly

Meet Information

52nd Holly / Duane Raffin
Festival of Races
Date: Saturday, September 14, 2019

Time: 7:40am Open Race 9:20am Division III Girls 11:40am J.V. Girls Div. II
8:00am MS Varsity Boys Race (top 7) 9:40am J.V. Boys Div. V, IV, III 12:00pm J.V. Boys Div. I
8:05am MS JV Boys (unlimited) 10:00am J.V. Girls Div. V, IV, III 12:20pm J.V. Boys Div. II
8:20am MS Varsity Girls Race (top 7) 10:20am Division V Boys 12:40m Division I Girls
8:25am MS JV Girls (unlimited) 10:40am Division IV Boys 1:00pm Division II Girls
8:40am Division V Girls 11:00am Division III Boys 1:20pm Division I Boys
9:00am Division IV Girls 11:20am J.V. Girls Div. I 1:40pm Division II Boys
This is a very demanding time schedule. All races will start EXACTLY on time.
You may run as many runners in the J.V. Races & Middle School races as you like.
Divisions 1-5:
Division V 1 250 Division III 401 800 Division I 1500 and up
Division IV 251 400 Division II 801 1499
Our goal is to have five relatively equal divisions; we may move you up or down a division, if your school is on the bubble.
The enrollment ranges above are just a guide as to where you might end up at our invitational.

Place: Springfield Oaks County Park 12450 Andersonville Rd. Davisburg, Michigan 48350
Entry Fee:
$125.00 per team. This includes 7 varsity and 10 JV runners chipped.
$135.00 per team. This includes 7 varsity and 14 JV runners chipped.
$99.00 per middle school; this includes one girls and one boys team w/ 14 Bibs total.
HS Varsity B teams can be added at an additional charge of $99.00; in such case the coach will supply us, in an email,
with the school name, names and grades of these additions on Tuesday, September 10th, 2019, but not before.
B teams will be your 8th 14th runners and will run in the same division as your A team.
Additional JV runners can be chipped above & beyond the 10/14 we supply you, for an added price of $6.00 a runner; in
such case the coach will supply us, in an email, with the school name, names and grades of these additions on Tuesday,
September 10th, 2019, but not before.
You can run as many JV runners as you like in the JV race with chips or no chips.
If you want to move UP a division, please email me by Monday, September 9th

Deadline (1): Please email, fax, or postmark a copy of the CONTRACT by Monday, September 9 th, 2019, if not before.
Deadline (2): On-line registration; please put your varsity (top 7 names and grades) & 10/14 JV into Athletic.net by
Tuesday, September 10th at 6:00pm. The website is: http://www.athletic.net/
Deadline (3): Entry fees for the meet are DUE by Saturday, Sept. 14th; If you have not paid by check on 9/14, please bring a note
from your Athletic Director that states the check will be mailed by ---- date.
Roster Changes: You can make roster changes up to 60 min. prior to your scheduled race. After such time, absolutely no changes
will be made. Please get to the meet a little earlier than usual to ensure that you can make any changes on meet day
and still have time to warm up and the like.
The top 4 teams in divisions I - V will earn trophies.
Duane Raffin Star of Stars (Athlete of the Meet) will be given out to the best male and female athletes out of
divisions V, IV & III and again out of Divisions II & I, for a total of (4) awards.
Places 1-35th in each divisions I - V will earn a custom medal
The top 10 finishers in each division will earn a top ten shirt.
Each coach of the 1st place team, in every division, will earn a winning pen set.
The top 25 finishers in each J.V. race will earn a medal.
26th 100th place in each JV Race will earn a ribbon.
The top 5 teams in each Middle School Varsity Race will earn a trophy.
The top 35 finishers in each Middle School Race will earn a medal.
36-100th in each Middle School Race will earn a ribbon.
The top 25 in each Middle School JV Race will earn a medal.
26th 100th place will earn a ribbon.
The top 15 male finishers and top 15 female finishers in the open race will earn a medal.
Final Instructions: On the day of the meet, coaches are to report the Registration Building where you must get your Race bibs,
a course map and final instructions. You can make changes to your varsity rosters only, up to (1) hour prior
to race time. After that, you will not be allowed to make any changes.
Park Entry Fee: Team buses, team vans and cars with runners in TEAM uniforms will be admitted free of charge; parent drivers
of personal vehicles carrying team members will be charged, as they are spectators. Coaches driving personal
vehicles, which have team members in them, will not be charged. Coaches please make sure you have team gear
on and or some sort of identification that proves you are indeed the coach. Everyone else will be charged $5.00
per person.
Tee-shirts: Souvenir, dry-fit type tee-shirts will again be available in small, medium, large, and
extra-large sizes. They will have a different design than last year and will sell for $20.00.
Concessions: The Oakland County 4-H will have a full service concession stand with reasonable prices.
Results: Results will be available for each and every varsity race about 30 minutes, after
the finish of the particular division race, that you were assigned. They will also be uploaded to www.Athletic.net.
In addition, results will be posted on: www.runmichigan.com
Dogs/BIKES: We absolutely, positively cannot have dogs at our meet this fall. It is nothing personal, but due to liability
issues, we cannot have dogs at the course. Everyone always has a nice dog that does not bite, until someone gets bit.
You cannot 100% guarantee the behavior of your dog, at all times. In addition, it is inappropriate to ride your
BIKE along the course when races are going on. Please leave your bike at home. Coaches please inform your parents of
these rules.
In education and sport,
Matt Weisdorfer (Meet Director)
(248) 328-3400 ext. 5449
(248) 328-3244 Fax