Athlete Sit-Down: Kennedy Beazley

We got a chance to talk to Saline senior, Kennedy Beazley, in the middle of another strong indoor season.


Personal Records:

400 Meter Dash - 1:00.27

800 Meter Run - 2:11.69

1600 Meter Run - 5:06.86

One Mile Run - 5:07.43

5000 Meter Run - 19:24.72


Michigan MileSplit: You weren't able to run cross country this past season, what were some things you focused on instead?

Kennedy Beazley: This was my first year ever doing cross-country so I really focused on training hard with the girls to get the base I did not previously have before. I did not run mileage before this past fall, so my main focus was to strengthen my endurance.

MI MileSplit: Is there one thing you want to accomplish this winter?

KB: Now that I have established my base and endurance my goal this winter is to keep that and also incorporate speed into my training to help with my turn over speed. This will help me work on both my 400 and 800 times. Overall my main goal is to get stronger and faster for the outdoor season.

MI MileSplit: You recently commited to Michigan State. Does that take any pressure off this indoor season?

KB: Yes, verbally committing to Michigan State has taken a lot of pressure off of this indoor season as far as knowing where I am going to be in the fall. How ever it is my senior year and I have several personal goals that I have set for myself and I am going to work hard to reach them.

MI MileSplit: What was it that made you end up choosing Michigan State as the school for you?

KB: There were a lot of factors that went into deciding to commit Michigan State. I felt that it was important to look at every aspect of the school not just the athletic piece. Overall Michigan State is where I felt at home.

MI MileSplit: Any advice for people still trying to decide where they are going to college?

KB: My advice is to not just decide on the first visit. Every visit is fun and exciting and you are going to feel anxious to get your decision done, but taking the time to sit back at reflect on every visit is important. It is where you are going to spend the next four or more years of your life you want to make sure that it is the best overall place for you.

MI MileSplit: How/when did you get started running track?

KB: I played softball all through middle school and everyone also commented on how quickly I ran around the bases. So my freshman year instead of playing softball I decided to try out for the track team. Best decision I ever made.

MI MileSplit: Person who was most influential to your running success?

KB: My coach from Huron Keri Kirk is by far the most influential person in my running success. She was tough but that is what I loved about her. Every practice I left feeling that I was challenged and got better everyday. She never let up, she has no fear, and she is the most determined person I know. The thing I love about her most is that under all that tough skin she has the biggest heart. Through this coaching she taught me how to never let up, run with no fear, and run with determination. With out her I would not be the runner I am today. I miss her a lot. The second most influential people to my running success are the Saline coaches. Although they have only been part of my running career a short period of time they have already showed me how dedicated they are not only to their team as a whole but also to each individual runner. I am very thankful to have them for this all-important senior year.

MI MileSplit: How are you handling a new team this year? What is the environment of the team like?

KB: It was definitely hard for me to make the decision to come to Saline because I love all of the girls I ran with at Huron. How ever with Coach Kirk leaving I was pretty devastated and I knew Saline had a really great program to offer. Now that I am here I understand why they have been so successful. The coaches are absolutely amazing and the girls are all so dedicated. These girls have welcomed me with open arms and I am very blessed to have the opportunity to practice with them everyday. We give each other a reason to smile after a long day at school. The team chemistry is great.

MI MileSplit: Who is your greatest non-running experience in track so far and why?

KB: My favorite non-running experience in track at Huron was the team bonding events we had. We had so many sleepovers and pasta dinners that allowed for us to have fun, relax, and get to know each other outside of school and track. At Saline this summer we went to camp near lake Michigan and even while working hard running up sand dunes we had so much fun making our own food, playing volleyball, and spending countless hours in the Lake.


Quick Q's

MI MileSplit: Facebook or Twitter (or Instagram)?

KB: Twitter is my favorite social networking site. It is like texting and Facebook combined.

MI MileSplit: Winter or summer?

KB: Summer is my favorite season! Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the cold. Also during the summer you can tan, swim, go on vacation, not worry about homework, and make endless memories with friends. I just love everything about it. Something about that big yellow thing in the sky makes me smile.

MI MileSplit: Favorite place for breakfast?

KB: Afternoon delight downtown Ann Arbor is by far my favorite place to go for breakfast. They have the BEST frozen yogurt in town, I can not get enough of their muffins, and their omelets are to die for. That is why I love it so much because you can order something new every time and never be disappointed.

MI MileSplit: Movie you just saw or want to see? 

KB: I just recently saw the movie Frozen and loved it. My mom teases me because I still watch Spongebob but I am a kid at heart. I think I love Disney movies so much because they always have a good message and a positive story to tell.