Athlete Sit-Down: Skyler Bowden

We got a chance to talk to Saline junior, Skyler Bowden, in the middle of his first indoor season.


Personal Records:

60 Meter Dash - 7.34

200 Meter Dash - 22.72

400 Meter Dash - 51.32


Michigan MileSplit: You are currently the #1 ranked junior for the 200 in the state. What has been your biggest focus this indoor season?

Skyler Bowden: I'm just trying to get faster and improve my speed before outdoor season starts.

MI MileSplit: What's your favorite event? Ever think about jumping up and trying an 800 some time just to see what happens?

SB: I've always like the 200 the best; and yes, my coach wants me to try it.

MI MileSplit: What are you hoping to accomplish this outdoor season?

SB: I want to break my schools 200 and 400 record.

MI MileSplit: How/when did you get started running track?

SB: I started running track my sophomore year.

MI MileSplit: What is your greatest track memory so far?

SB: Winning rookie of the year, and finishing third in the region.


Quick Q's

MI MileSplit: What's playing on your iPod right now?

SB: Hell and Back by Kid Ink

MI MileSplit: Winter or summer?

SB: Summer

MI MileSplit: Favorite place for breakfast?


MI MileSplit: Movie you just saw or want to see? 

SB: Lone Survivor