Cole Johnson Pre-Season Q&A

1) 2015 was a very competitive year for Michigan cross country. What were your favorite moments from last season?

My favorite moment was without a doubt winning the the MHSAA team state title. Another highlight came when my team won the Portage invite last year after finishing third a year before. 

2) After the success you had last year, and now moving up to the junior class, do you feel that there is more pressure on you for the 2016 XC season?

No, I don't feel any added pressure from last year. I have bigger goals this year, but also have more confidence knowing I'm a more experienced runner.

3) You ran FL MW in 2014 and NXN MW in 2015. What did you learn from those experiences? And which race will you target this season?

I learned valuable things from those races, like how to prepare for races beyond the state meet. I plan to run footlocker MW this year, and running it freshmen year taught me that I should get out quick.

4) How does your current summer fitness compare to where you have been in past years?

My fitness has been good, however, I may not quite be where I've been at in previous years, due to focusing on races later in the season.  

5) What's the hardest workout you have ever done?

The Michigan (1600m on track, 200m easy, 800m at tempo pace, 200m easy, then back to track for 1200m and repeat until 400m)

6) What are your favorite and least favorite XC courses, and why?

My favorite course would have to be the state meet course at MIS. I love finishing on the inside of the track, the atmosphere is incredible. My least favorite course is, unfortunately, our home course, pretty rough on your ankles, and also uninteresting to be honest.

7) Which runners do you view as role models?

Dathan Ritzenhein is one of my biggest role models. He's so knowledgeable and dedicated to the sport, and a true example of how hard work pays off. My former teammate Isaac Harding is also someone I look up to. I've witnessed time and time again his tenacity on the XC course.

8) Not including the state champs or other post season invites, what regular season XC race do you want to win the most?

The MSU Spartan invite. I usually have a lot of family members who come to support, so to win that would be awesome. It's also a pretty prestigious race.

9) What are your goals for XC 2016?

To run under 15 minutes this season, win the state meet, and qualify for Footlocker nationals. Also to continue our team's winning streak of 21 conference championships. 

10) Who are some of the people who have helped support you through your running career?

I've received such tremendous support throughout my running career from so many people. I'm blessed to have parents who make sacrifices for me to be the best I can be, coaches who are just as, if not more, dedicated to improving me as myself, teammates who continue to push me and inspire me, friends and family who always root and cheer for me, and my fellow competitors in this sport who push me to my limit, and often show encouragement as well.

Rapid Fire Questions

    Favorite post-race food?


    Favorite movie?


    Track or XC?


    Best pump up song?

    Rocky Theme Song

    Toughest Michigan athlete to compete against?

    Isaac Harding

    Olympic event you are most excited to watch?


    Half tights or short shorts?

    Short Shorts

    Shoe brand?


    Mile or 2 Mile?


    Longest run?

    13 Miles