All-Time Boys Cross Country Bracket - Championship



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Our experts: Takashi Gould, David Jordan, Gary Meehan, Tom "Mick" Micallef, Don Sleeman, Michael Smith, Mike Woolsey, and Steve Zaranek.


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(3) Jackson Lumen Christi vs. (1) Concord

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"Chuck King and Dave Jordan at Concord along with Patsy Arpino and Dave Miller at Lumen Christi have developed traditions that make Jackson County a high school cross country powerhouse. Christi has always had to compete for athletes from powerful football and soccer programs."

- Mike Woolsey (Voted Jackson Lumen Christi)

"One of the coaches I really admire and look up to is, Lumen Christi coach, David Miller. I had the honor of coaching his son. When the brackets first came out I thought it would be really cool to be in the final four with this true friend. Now here we are, very exciting moment.

- David Jordan (Voted Concord)

Winner: Concord


(2) Detroit Catholic Central vs. (2) Charlevoix

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"I understand that DCC has been highly accomplished over the course of three decades, wheras Charlevoix disappeared in the early 2000's. However, Charlevoix is a town of roughly 3,000 people and DCC has had the luxuries of private school athletics. It's astonishing to think so many great runners came through this one little town in the northern tip of Michigan."

- Takashi Gould (Voted Charlevoix)

"Tony Magni is #1."

- Mick (Voted for Detroit Catholic Central)

Winner: Charlevoix