All-Time Girls Cross Country Bracket - Round of 16

Round of 16


If you are new to the bracket, please read the last article, detailing the scoring and other information.


Our experts: David Jordon, Gary Meehan, Michael Newton, Don Sleeman, Kim Spalsbury, Michael Smith, Mike Woolsey, and Steve Zaranek.


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Kermit Ambrose Region

(1) Jackson Lumen Christi vs. (8) Hanover-Horton

Popular Vote - 98.2% vs. 1.8%

Expert Vote - 100% vs. 0%

Overall Vote - 99.1% vs. 0.9%

"These two programs are led by two outstanding coaches who I look up to and look to for advice. Mike (Woolsey, JLC coach) has just put up numbers that not only led to a number one seed, bt my vote as well."

- David Jordon

Winner: Jackson Lumen Christi


(2) East Grand Rapids vs. (7) DeWitt

Popular Vote 39.1% vs. 60.9%

Expert Vote 100% vs. 0%

Overall Vote 65.6% vs. 34.4%

"Barry Kloenhammer, DeWitt's coach in the '80's was my college roommate. I wish he would have coached longer. Nick Hopkins is doing an outstanding job at East Grand Rapids."

- Mike Woolsey

Winner: East Grand Rapids


(3) Fowler vs. (6) Caledonia

Popular Vote 40.2% vs. 59.8%

Expert Vote 87.5% vs. 22.5%

Overall Vote 65.6% vs. 34.4%

"I was blessed to lead the [Fowler] Eagles from 1980-1995. The girls were disciplined and very tough, so it did not take long for the tradition of excellence to unfold."

- Kim Spalsbury

Winner: Fowler


(4) Saline vs. (5) Highland Milford

Popular Vote 35.6% vs. 64.4%

Expert Vote 100% vs. 0%

Overall Vote 62.8% vs. 37.2%

"This is a very tough one. Both have had strong coaches and run in tough leagues. The toss-up goes to Saline."

- Gary Meehan

Winner: Saline