All-Time Boys Cross Country Bracket Champion - Concord

Concord is our Champion!


If you are new to the bracket, please read the first article, detailing the scoring and other information.


Our experts: Takashi Gould, David Jordan, Gary Meehan, Michael Newton, Brian Salyers, Michael Smith, Mike Woolsey, and Steve Zaranek.


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(1) Concord vs. (2) Charlevoix

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Expert Vote

Overall Vote

Takashi Gould - Concord - "Their tradition is absolutely amazing."

Gary Meehan - Concord

Michael Newton - Concord - "Goodness this is tough. I'm happy I got to learn so much about each of these progams. Concord has a lot of everything; titles, individual titles, and runner-ups. They simply get the job done.

Brian Salyers - Charlevoix - "A 10 year span that included 10 Top 3 places at the state finals (1982-1991) represents a remarkable run. Just like their victory here. (Or so he hoped)

Michael Smith - Charlevoix

Mike Woolsey - Concord - "Very interesting match-up between two teams I didn't expect to be in the finals, but both very deserving with GREAT traditions. Pete Spieles' [Charlevoix] teams dominated Class C in the 80's and 90's and turned out individuals like Scott Miller, Bill Taylor, and the Drenth brothers. Dave Jordan was part of the Chuck King teams that won five titles in the 70's and 80's. Since Dave has taken over in 2000, he has added three more titles and added to, and built on, Concord's tradition."

Steve Zaranek - Charlevoix


David Jordan (current Concord coach) - Concord - "I would like to say 'Thank You' to everyone who took the time to vote for or against us. I would also like to say 'Thank You' to those that helped put this bracket together. Our community of runners in Concord have really come together to vote and talk about this backet. There are a lot of great Cross Country programs in Michigan and it is an honor to be listed with them. Good luck this season. Thank you again, David Jordan."

Winner: Concord


I would like to thank everyone that took the time to vote, as well. The hope was that this got many of you excited to try and build on your programs tradition this upcoming season. I would especially like to thank the "Experts" that took the time to vote, in the middle of their very busy summers (getting ready to move their team up the next set of rankings).


Stay tuned for a girls' bracket being launched any second now, and make sure you stay posted throughout the season for all your Michigan Cross Country news and results!