College Coaches Sit Down: Guy Murray

Guy Murray

University of Detroit Mercy

Gender: Men & Women



Michigan MileSplit: Where did you grow up and what were some of your fondest memories of high school running?

Guy Murray: Niles, Michigan is the hometown and ran at Brandywine High School for my father. Our home course featured the swamp when it was passable.


MM: What do you look for in a potential recruit/What is your program's recruiting process like?

GM: We start with a ton of athletes on the radar and look for student/athletes who are good fits at UDM both academically and athletically. UDM is fairly expensive but generous with the academic aid so finding the students who can succeed here helps. I have found that if the person is happy here as a student as well as athlete they will do well in both facets.


MM: Many kids would love for even a chance to walk-on to a collegiate program. What are your walk-on policies?

GM: We welcome walk-ons and for the most part if you qualify academically and enjoy the sport and want to work hard we have a spot for you. We do a try-out if any doubts and usually err on the side of caution and find a spot and give the student/athlete an opportunity. A lot of new events in college and with longer training year we have found some success with the late bloomers or new event performers.


MM: Do you make a point of attending high school cross country meets to scout athletes out?

GM: Yes.


MM: If a student-athlete is interested in being a part of your program, how early and how often should they try to contact you?

GM: Get in our system as interested as a junior. We are limited in contact that year but enough for you to learn about team and we can follow your progress from afar and learn about you. Active cycle starts after July 1st in your Junior year. Before junior year, we are so limited in our contact per NCAA rules not much gained.

As a small school/team the focus is generally on the upcoming class (ie we are focused on 2014 grads) as Track & Field needs numbers. The recruiting list really doesn't take shape until after state meet in junior season and when the ACT scores arrive.

The more the merrier in Track and Field and at UDM, so the list is always updated with late bloomers. If you are a good student always room for you. We have gotten a lot of late recruits who have made a big impact. A few that haven't appeared on radar until regionals of their senior year, since many improve a lot as seniors.


MM: Lastly, what is your favorite part of coaching 18-22 year old student athletes?

GM: I enjoy working with the student/athletes as they work towards their goals. Fun as they mature and need to advise them more and not force them to do things. Finding the talents that sometimes they didn't even think they were able to achieve. Overall, a great sport and great to be on a more collaborative relationship with the student/athletes than in many sports.



From everyone here at Michigan MileSplit, we thank Coach Murray for his time, and wish him the best of luck this season!