WATCH LIVE (Free): MITS State Championships This Weekend!

Watch Nick Foster and the rest of Michigan's best in high school track & field compete LIVE at the MITS State Championships!

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This weekend's Michigan Indoor Track Series State Championships at Eastern Michigan University on Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th will be LIVE streamed for FREE on in partnership with the MITS and FreeTrackLive producing the stream!

Also a youtube embed stream of the field events produced by FreeTrackLIVE will be found on this page as well to view with the running events stream link HERE.

Archived race videos will also be uploaded automatically to the videos section of meet page during the event for a virtual instant replay of each heat! 

Initial performance list has been posted below, but meet management is still verifying, updating seeds, cleaning up duplicates and finalizing the final accepted list.
Final entries should be released and posted for the meet on Friday morning. The final meet schedule, latest meet records, and embeds to the field event streams can be found below. 

Field Events

Throwing Events at CMU

2019 Indoor State Meet Schedule

Saturday, February 23rd

Field Events
12:00 PM- Boys and Girls Long Jump- Simultaneously in two pits
4:15 PM- Boys and Girls Triple Jump- Simultaneously in two pits

Running Events
12:30 PM Start - Rolling Schedule  
60m Hurdle Prelims (Top 32 advance to Semis)
60m Prelims (Top 32 advance to Semis)
Distance Medley Relay (1200-400-800-16000
200m Semis (Top 15 advance to 3 heat Final on Sunday)
60m Hurdle Semis (Top 16 advance to a 2 heat Final on Sunday)
60m Semis (Top 16 advance to a 2 heat Final on Sunday)
Sprint Medley (400-200-200-800)
4x200m Relay

Sunday, February 24th

Field Events
12:00- Boys Pole Vault (Girls Pole Vault will start 1 hour after completion of Boys)
12:00- Girls High Jump (Boys High Jump will start 1 hour after completion of Girls)

Running Events
12:30 PM Start - Rolling Schedule
4x800m Relay
60m Hurdle Finals (Two Heats)
60m Finals (Two Heats)
200m Finals
4x400m Relay

Michigan Indoor Track Series State Meet Records




54-4.5- Brittany Mann 2012


66-4.75- Quinn Dawson 2009

47-9- Kayli Johnson 2015

Shot Put

61-09- Zach Hill 2009

13-6- Landon Kemp 2017

Pole Vault

16-06- Joe Wesley 2008

19-06.50- Trinette Johnson 1989

Long Jump

23-09.50- Marcel Richardson 1988

38-10.75-  Shelby Allen 2014

Triple Jump

47-10.75- Isaiah Griffith 2016

5-10.50- Vanessa Maher 2003

High Jump

7-2.25- Dartis Willis 2011

8.35- Bridgette Owens-Mitchell 2010

60m Hurdles

7.79- Kenneth Ferguson 2002

7.29- Shayla Mahan 2007


6.74- James Jackson 2007


1:40.65- Motor City 2017

4x200m Relay

1:29.39- Michigan All-Stars 2011

3:50.40- Motor City 2015

4x400m Relay

3:20.80- Detroit Central 1982

9:13.75- Breen 2017

4x800m Relay

7:59.12- Ledges TC 2000

4:04.71- Ann Arbor Youth 2016

Sprint Medley Relay 

3:31.66- Motor City 2017

12:04.12- Soul Train 2010

Distance Medley Relay

10:17.67- Breen 2010

24.14- Kendall Baisden 2010


21.72- Khance Meyers (GR F.I.R.E.) 2016

55.25- Dynasty McGee (Ypsilanti T.C.) 2011


48.48- Skyler Bowden (Michigan All-Stars) 2015

2:08.77- Geena Gall 2005


1:52.54- Donavan Brazier 2015

4:54.75- Karenna Duffey 2017


4:04.46- Grant Fisher (TEMPO) 2015

10:26.98- Megan Goethals 2010


9:05.59- Reed Kamyszek 2010


1:38.12- Motor City 2018

4x200m Relay

1:28.16- Michigan All-Stars 2018

3:48.80- Motor City 2018

4x400m Relay

3:19.20- Motor City 2018
9:17.69- Breen 2018

4x800m Relay

7:51.77- Prime Time Performance 2018
4:05.10- Prime Time Perfromance 2018

Sprint Medley Relay

3:33.76- Prime Time Performance 2018
11:55.30- Breen 2018

Distance Medley Relay

10:10.05- A2 Track Club 2018
24.88- Jade Sabri- People's Choice 2018


22.02- Cortez Cunningham- Michigan All-Stars 2018
55.65- Miyah Brooks- Motor City 2018


47.38- Donnie James- Motor City 2018
2:11.99- Megan Worrel- Breen 2018


1:55.86- Anthony DeKraker- Spirit of Pre 2018
5:00.70- Karenna Duffey- Breen 2018


4:12.89- Nick Foster- A2 2018
10:47.45- Kayla Windemuller 2018


9:24.32- Alex Comerford 2018