GVSU Gazelle Sports ELITE 3200m Fields Announced

Gazelle Sports and New Balance are teaming together to put on the Elite 3200m on February 18th on the camps of Grand Valley State University.  37 high school runners from Michigan Wisconsin, Indiana, and Colorado will be toing the line in full New Balance gear going after Riley Hough's record of 8:57.41 from last year and Zofia Dudek's 9:56.72 from 2020.  Here are the line-ups:

Boys Field

Mateo Alvarado Venegas - Sun Prairie, WI- PR 9:11, 6th D1 3200, 8th D1 XC

Liam Bauschke - Mishawaka, IN- PR 9:25

Owen Bosley - Thiensville, WI- PR 9:05, 2nd D1 3200, 5th D1 XC, 3rd 3200 LY

Joey Bowman - Lansing, MI- Doesn't really run 3200, 8th D2 XC, 15:18 5K time

Nolan Clark - Grand Haven, MI- PR 9:08, 4th D1 3200

Connor Clor - Romeo, MI- PR 9:33

Dakota Dykhuis - Edmore, MI- PR 9:35, 4th D4 XC

Kyle Eberhard - Linden, MI- 7th D2 XC, 2nd Elite Mile

Colin Graham - Rockford, MI- PR 9:35 (ran on 1/22)

TJ Hansen - West Branch, MI- 5th D2 3200, 5th D2 XC, 4th Elite Mile

Stefan Haug - Boulder, CO- PR 9:18

Samual Jackson - Saline, MI- PR 9:32 (ran 1/28), 13th D1 XC

Gregory Janesak - Sparta, MI- PR 9:34

Nolan Nixon - Cadillac, MI- PR 9:36, 13th D2 XC

Moses Osterink - Wyoming, MI- PR 9:13, D4 Champ 3200, D4 Champ XC, 11th LY 3200, 7th Elite Mile

Akili Parekh - Chicago, IL- PR 9:18, 7th 1A 3200, 4th 1A XC

Justin Roose - Clinton Township, MI- PR 9:34

Aiden Smith - Adrian, MI- PR 9:38, 11th D2 3200, 6th D2 XC

Colin Vanderschaaf - Marquette, MI- UP D1 1600 Champ 2021 (2nd 2022), 7th D1 UP XC

Espen Wood - Rockford, MI- PR 9:33

Women's Field

Allie Arnsman-  Grandville, MI-PR 10:56, 2nd D1 XC, 18th Champs Nationals, Ms XC for MI, 7th D1 3200, 3rd Elite Mile T

Sophia KennedyCarmel, IN -PR 10:10, 3rd IN XC, 7th NXN, 3rd LY 3200

Madison ClorRomeo, MIPR 11:01, 10th D1 XC, 16th D1 3200

Allison KuzmaZeeland, MI- PR 10:51, 4th D2 3200, 6th D2 XC

Emily CooperAnn Arbor, MI- PR 10:48, 6th D1 XC, 7th Elite Mile

Kaylie LivingstonWhitmore Lake, MI- PR 10:55, 2nd AAU Nationals XC

Rachel ForsythAnn Arbor, MI- PR 10:02, 2022 Elite Mile Champ, 2022 Elite 3200 Champ

Madison Osterberg-Jackson, MI-  Almost never runs 3200 but has a 17:54 XC time, 7th D3 1600, 2nd Elite Mile

Maya GuikemaGrandville, MI-PR 10:49, 22nd D1 3200, 16th D1 XC

Mary Richmond-Frankenmuth, MI-  PR 10:47, 5th D2 3200, 3rd D2 XC, 11th LY 3200, 4th Elite Mile

Aiden HarrandThompsonville, MI- D4 Champ 800,1600, XC, 4th D4 3200

Annika SandmanLowell, MI- PR 10:42, 10th D1 1600, 8th D1 XC, 5th Elite Mile

Jessica JazwinskiShelby, MI- PR 10:44, 11th at Champs Nationals, 1st D3 XC, 2nd D3 3200, Elite Mile Champ

Emily TomesDorr, MI- 5th D2 XC, 9th Elite Mile

CC Jones-East Lansing, MI- PR 10:49, 5th D3 3200, 6th D3 XC, 16th Elite Mile

Gail Vaikutis-St. Joseph, MI-  12th D2 XC, 13th Elite Mile

Mylie KellyBeulah, MI- PR 11:04, 8th D3 3200, 14th 3200 LY, 10th Elite Mile TY

Natalie VanOtterenGrand Rapids, MI-  PR 11:04, 7th D2 3200, 4th D2 XC