MITS - GVSU Elite Mile Field

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Heat 1

Ben Hill - 4:15.10 - 1600 PR - One of the greatest athletes we have in the state right now. As just a sophomore he ran 9:06 at last year's D1 state finals, placing 2nd. Hill is a member of arguably the greatest boys class this state has ever seen.

Austin Sargent - 4:20.70 - 1600 PR - Won the D2 crown in the fall and looking for more. Maybe his former teammate, Connor Mora, gave him some pointers after winning this race last year.

Lucas Arrivo - 4:18.70 - Mile PR - The runner up in this race last year as a sophomore, Arrivo has got to have his eyes on the prize this year. Probably the gutsiest kid you will ever see race, his talents have completely caught up to him as he prepares for a stellar track season. 5th at last year's New Balance Indoor Nationals in the Emerging Elite Mile.

Logan Wetzel - 4:20.92 - Mile PR - Well he's been out of indoor track for a little while, but the last time he ran an indoor meet he placed 2nd place at New Balance Indoor Nationals Freshman mile in 2012. Was regional champion as a freshman. After an All-State XC season, he is back. Watch out.

Costa Willets - 4:20.76 - 1600 PR - Had a stellar cross country season, and just missed all state in the 1600 at last year's states. Willets ran 4:30.16 finishing 2nd at last week's U of M meet to start to get the wheel's turning for the big show-down.

Keenan Rebera - 4:27.12 - 1600 PR - Took the gold at D3 states in the fall, and went down to AAU Nationals to get that gold medal as well. Rebera seems to be more of a distance kid, but depending how the race works out, I would watch out for his kick at the end.

Josh Wojan - 4:24.88 - 1600 PR - Finished 4th in the Elite Mile last year behind Mora, Arrivo, and Burnand. Mora and Burnand are gone, so Wojan appears to be in great shape to challenge for the win.

Cass Millenbach - 4:27.04 - 1600 PR - Ran at GVSU just a few weeks ago right near his PR to break into the indoor season. It's always good to get a good race under your belt when you are coming into a big race like this. It doesn't hurt that it was on the very same track.

Dillyn Foy - 4:32.28 - 1600 PR - Foy hasn't raced yet this year, but his PR comes from the end of his outdoor season last year, so we'll see if he can pick up where he left off on the track.

Andrew O'Connor - 4:25.57 - 1600 PR - O'Connor doesn't run the 1600 very often, but still has a nice PR to show for his few attempts. A race like this, with lots of talent should definitely carry O'Connor to a PR which will put him right in the mix of things.


Heat 2

Charlie Felton - 4:27.49 - 1600 PR - Just missed being D2 all-state last year in the 1600, which will likely fuel Felton to work hard where things left off. He's already run once on this track, so I'm sure he knows where all the "speed boosts" are hidden out there.

Cameron Karagitz - 4:27.23 - 1600 PR - Didn't make it to D1 state finals last spring, but did run his PR at the MITCA State Finals to cap his season. Karagitz has done nothing but improve all of last year, so I could see big things come out of him on Saturday.

Ben Yagiela - 4:30.48 - 1600 PR - Has great all-around talent from the 800 to the 5K. Depending on how this race pans out, you could see a lot of kids in the hunt for the win, Ben included.

Jacob Stubbs - 4:31.09 - 1600 PR - Last time Stubbs was on the track, he was hoisting a state champs trophy with his fellow Bulldogs. If that doesn't get you excited to start racing again, then I'm not sure what will.

Hunter Nivison - 4:38.91 - 1600 PR - Another senior that will be wanting to show the young-guys in this race what he's made of. Nivison ran the 400 last week at CMU to get his legs pumping for this big race.

Parker Eisengruber - Unknown 1600 PR - Well, I don't have a 1600 time in my database for Parker, but I guess you can't get much more under the radar than that! A nice 16:03 5K PR shows that he is a big time runner in the state.

Connor Wuori - 4:44.08 - 1600 PR - Another kid who hasn't run too many 1600's, but a 15:45 5K PR and a 12th place finish at this year's D1 cross finals suggest that he has the strength to be right in the mix of all these kids.

Damien Halverson - Unknown 1600 PR - An all-state finish in cross country did nothing but leave Damien hungry to get back training and competing this winter.

Benny Briseño - 4:46.46 - 1600 PR - A ninth place finish at the D2 state finals this fall prove that Benny is a tough runner that will do everything he can to stay with the pack until it is time for him to make his move.

Logan Jurgens - 4:43.34 - 1600 PR - Yet another cross country all-stater. Tough to say what kind of speed this heat will have, but if it turns into a sit-and-kick race, this could go to any of the 13 kids.

Mark DeJong - 4:41.23 - 1600 PR - Cross country all-state initially suggests strength over speed, which is the theme of this heat.

Mickey Davey - 4:40.58 - 1600 PR - Not the speediest kid out here, but a 15:30 5K PR and a 15:50 on the muddy MIS course will hopefully give him some confidence headed onto a dry track surface with no mud puddles of any kind.

Trevor Thiebaut - 4:47.19 - 1600 PR - Ran this PR just a few weeks ago on this monster track. Thiebaut will attempt to keep the good-times rollin' at GVSU this season.



Ersula Farrow - 4:51.96 - 1600 PR - The early favorite. She placed 4th last year after her two teammates (Hannah & Haley Meier) and Erin Finn. Not bad company to finish behind. Already ran 5:01 at MITS - U of M #1 last week.

Megan O'Neil - 4:52.21 - 1600 PR - Finished 9th in this race last year behind two girls in the field again. The reigning D2 state champ, running her PR last year. Comes into the race with a season best of 5:07.53 on this very track.

Ellie Leonard - 4:53.21 - 1600 PR - Finished 12th last year. Ended up finishing 5th at last year's D1 state finals in the 1600. Hasn't raced yet this indoor season, so we'll look to see fresh legs out there.

Audrey Belf - 4:58.89 - 1600 PR - After the way she raced all cross season, it's tough to think Belf won't be in the mix for this one. She's a tough runner that showed her foot speed last week at U of M running 5:01.94 behind a very loaded field.

Rachel Coleman - 4:57.37 - 1600 PR - Picking up right where she left off after leading her team to a D1 state title in the fall, Coleman had an amazing double last week at U of M (5:00.08 1600, 11:09.15 3200), proving that she is going to be a force this track season.

Karrigan Smith - 4:57.62 - 1600 PR - Finished 2nd behind O'Neil at last year's D2 states in the 1600. Worked on her speed a little last week at U of M running 2:21.99 and placing 2nd in the 800.

Kenzie Weiler - 5:02.13 - 1600 PR - Finished 6th in the Elite Mile last year. Watched her run a fantastic race to get the win at MIS in very tough conditions. Expect her to be in the mix the whole time.

Kirsten Olling - 5:06.45 - 1600 PR - Our 4 time champion in D4 cross country, how could you ever count this girl out? All she does is win. Made it to Foot Locker Nationals and hasn't raced since, so we will she what she has in store for us.

Lauren Brasure - 5:04.70 - 1600 PR - Recent Florida commit had an outstanding cross season setting herself for a stellar track season. Another girl who made it to Foot Locker Nationals and we haven't seen since.

Kerianne Schoff - 5:04.75 - 1600 PR - It's crazy to think that we are at a point in this state where 5:04 doesn't put you as a favorite for any race. Schoff had a nice performance earning all-state honors and we will see if she can keep rolling.

Kennedy Beazley - 5:06.86 - 1600 PR - Didn't have a great first race this winter, running 5:13.48 at U of M last week, but we do know that Beazley is not scared to be in front. We will see how she decides to race on Saturday to try and take the win.

Emma Doorn - 5:10.03 - 1600 PR - All-State campaign for Doorn this fall will help fuel her drive. She hasn't raced since so she has the luxury of fresh legs that some of these girls do not have.

Valerie Wierenga - 5:10.87 - 1600 PR - Finished 3rd in D1 cross as just a sophomore and continued running at Nike Cross Regionals and Foot Locker Regionals. Thank goodness there won't be any hay-bales out on the track for this race!

Taleen Shahrigian - 5:13.18 - 1600 PR - Not a big 1600 runner, but absolutely excels in the distance races. Had an injury for a little of cross, but came back at just the right time to help secure the title for Northville. We will see what she can bring on Saturday.

Allison Vroon - 5:13.82 - 1600 PR - Has already run two 1600's this indoor season with her PR coming on this very track just a month ago. Finished 3rd at D3 cross states, so she definitely knows how to compete when it matters most.

Bailey Johnson - 5:15.14 - 1600 PR - No performances so far this year means Johnson is a "dark-horse". She has great 5k and 3200 PR's that will keep her right in the mix of things.

Morgan Posthuma - 5:15.56 - 1600 PR - Made a huge jump in time from indoor last year to outdoor. I wonder if we might be in-store for another big jump at a perfect time to do it on Saturday.