Training Blog: Sarah Kettel Give an Inside Look

week 4

This was a fun week of training! Out of the six days of running, I only ran one at home, otherwise I was training around Lansing with my team! I usually practice two days on my own so this was a nice change. The week was filled with our first race and cross country camp!

Week of August 21- 27

Friday: 6 miles (Race)

The race went great! It's always fun to see who's been working hard over the summer! Today I wanted to take first (19:40 5k), but I also got to run with the front pack and one of my teammates, Annika, which was fun! As in every other race, I was nervous even though it was just a small meet. But after praying about it and realizing that there really wasn't any reason to be nervous, I got to the line relaxed, confident, and ready to enjoy myself. Great practice for later in the season!

Saturday: 13.5 miles (8:20 pace)

Cross Country Camp is going great! As my coach summarized it, our night was short, our run was long, and our meals were big! It was great hanging out with everybody today playing cards, listening to a guest speaker, and going for a long run. Four of my teammates and I made the goal to run a half marathon today and we did! We had some insightful discussions along the way talking about our beliefs and sharing some advice. Interesting conversations passed the time quickly!

Sunday: OFF

Today I took it easy and just did the core routine.

Monday: 6 miles (Medium Run)

Well, today was supposed to be a tempo, but it turned into more of a fartlek. We were supposed to run to a park to do our tempo, but by the time I got there and got a drink and talked with people for a bit, the group I was hoping to run with had taken off. I sprinted around looking for them. By the time I found them, they had finished the workout! I was relieved/grateful when Ben and Lewis decided to go on another lap! We ran it at a slow tempo pace (6:45ish?) I find it much easier to do hard workouts with teammates! 1 hour stretching routine.

Tuesday: 3.5 miles

After running at Lake Lansing Park so much, Annika, Kyria, Jacob and I were ready for change. We explored some different paths, found a really cool fort in the middle of the woods, and ran around a neighborhood we had never been in before! I kept it short today because I had some achiness in my leg.

Wednesday: 7.5 miles (Intervals)

Today we went to a tiny park to do 1 mile intervals! At one point I looked back and it looked like a parade was coming down the road. Our team has grown incredibly in its five year existence to be around 80 kids big (including HS, MS, boys and girls)! The course was a little long, but the grass was a nice change from the perfectly marked asphalt we did them on two weeks ago. I ran four intervals and consistently finished at around 5:50. I was very pleased with this workout, knowing I had pushed hard! I did the core/strength routine in the morning.

Thursday: 4 miles (7:10 pace)

Today was just a recovery run. I ran alone today, but I enjoyed going at my easy pace (or even a little faster). Also, running by myself is a great time to just zone out and think of random things; something I enjoy doing! The stretching routine followed along with my daily foam rolling session.

Total Weekly Miles : 40.5 Miles