Lake Erie Region D1 Round-Up: Ann Arbor Pioneer Sweeps

           Nick Foster is unbeaten in nine contests this season.   

Both the boys and girls squads from Ann Arbor Pioneer earned regional wins last weekend at Lake Erie Metropark in Division 1 competition.  

For the boys, Nick Foster and John Florence led the way by taking first and second in the individual standings.  Foster went 15:37.10 and Florence recorded a time of 16:13.80.  The supporting cast of Ethan Mielock, Zach Williston and Paul Sutton did their jobs effectively, as well.  All three athletes placed in the top 11 overall.  Ann Arbor Pioneer put up 29 points for the victory. 

On the girls side, Zofia Dudek and Sarah Forsyth guided the team to 26 points and a first place finish.  Zudek won the race in 18:26.90 and Forsyth was the runner-up in 18:40.50.  

           Zofia Dudek has gone sub 18:30 in all three of her race starts in 2018.

Similar to the boys, the rest of the scorers demonstrated strong performances.  Charlotte Batra came in sixth in 19:26.30, Anna Vogel was seventh in 19:33.70 and Mallory Dawes secured tenth place due to her 19:50.20 effort.  

The Ann Arbor Pioneer program looks primed and ready for a big showing at the State Championship, which is scheduled for Saturday at the Michigan International Speedway. 


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